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Partnership With Us: Skyrocket Your Solar Sales with Pre-Set Appointments


Powering Your Solar Sales


A proven track record...

Since our inception in 2008, The JM Marino Group has been at the forefront of the solar revolution, dedicated to bridging the gap between solar technology and the communities it serves. With over a decade of experience, we pride ourselves on understanding both the nuances of the solar industry and the evolving needs of sales professionals within it.

Our journey began with a vision: to simplify and enhance the sales process for solar professionals, ensuring that the benefits of sustainable energy reach every corner of our society. Over the years, we've refined our approach, perfecting the art of curating high-quality, pre-set appointments, and nurturing fruitful partnerships with the industry's best closers.

At The JM Marino Group, our commitment goes beyond just business. We're passionate about a greener future and believe in empowering our partners with the tools, leads, and support they need to make that future a reality.

Join us, and be a part of our enduring mission to light up the world with the power of the sun.

Powering Your Solar Sales

Why Partner with Us?
At The JM Marino Group, we believe in the power of solar and the professionals who make it accessible to the world. We’ve developed a specialized system to provide solar sales experts with the highest quality leads, ensuring you can focus on what you do best - closing deals.

Our Offerings:

Quality Assured: Every appointment we set is pre-qualified and confirmed, saving you time and effort.
Flexible Payment Models: Choose what suits your business best - pay a small fee per appointment or purchase them outright. Plus, benefit from our optional post-sale fee model.

Exclusive Partnership: We’re not looking for just anyone. We want the best. If you’re a strong closer with a passion for solar, let’s talk.

Ready to Transform Your Sales Strategy?
Join us for an initial Zoom interview and discover the potential of our partnership.

Call Center Employee

How It Works & Our Unique Payment Structure

Wave goodbye to cold calls and endless prospecting

Step 1: The Match
At The JM Marino Group, we take the time to understand your business goals and strengths. Through our initial Zoom interview, we ensure that our partnership aligns seamlessly with your sales aspirations.

Step 2: Quality Appointments
Wave goodbye to cold calls and endless prospecting. Our team curates and confirms top-tier leads tailored for your business, ensuring you get in front of interested customers ready for solar solutions.

Step 3: Close & Prosper
With the groundwork laid, all you need to do is what you do best - close the deal! With our support and quality leads, reaching your sales targets has never been easier.

Flexible Payment, Transparent Structure
We believe in giving our partners choices. Here’s how our payment structure works:

  • Pay-per-Appointment: Opt for a small fee for every appointment we set and confirm for you.

  • Success-based Model: Choose to pay a small flat fee upon successful sales, celebrating your victories together.

  • Bulk Appointments: Looking for volume? Purchase our appointments in blocks of 10 or more. This option comes with a higher upfront cost, but no back-end fees.

Intrigued? Let’s dive deeper.
Reach out to us to discuss how we can tailor our partnership to suit your unique business needs.

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Partner With Us

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